Am Ch Mi-Pao's Venture On


Am Ch Chen Chu Venturing Out

Am Ch Mi-Pao's Benjamin Second
Mi-Pao's Black Pluche 
(Mi-Pao's FIRST homebred Smooth)

Four Black Smooths from litter of seven (three roughs)

Ukwong King Cole (Smooth) & Am Ch Mi-Pao's Midnight Madonna

Born:  July 5, 1986

Left To Right

Am Ch Chen Chu Material Girl (F)
Chen Chu Ice Breaker (M) (pointed)
Am Ch Chen Chu Black Ice (F) (First Black Smooth Champion)
Chen Chu Pollywog (F) (pointed)


Am Ch Chen Chu The Best Of Country


Am Ch Chen Chu Kickin It Up


Am Ch Chen Chu What Cowgirls Do


Sunburst's Lil Bit Country

Piglet & Boss Hog